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About Accent Coatings

Adding Color to Your Life: The History of Accent Coatings Inc.

Accent Coatings is owned and operated by Michelle and Buddy Lackey. Buddy began working with his father, Ricky Lackey, the previous owner of Accent Coatings, after graduating from Abilene High School in 1997. He gained valuable experience working alongside his father and uncle, Barry Lackey, at Accent Coatings, learning the intricacies of the trade. With over 20 years of high-quality experience each, Ricky and Barry served as excellent mentors for Buddy. As fourth-generation paint contractors themselves, they had inherited a wealth of knowledge from their fathers and grandfathers.

Now carrying on the family tradition, Buddy is proud to be the fifth generation involved in the trade. He continues to build upon the solid foundation that was established before him. The Lackey family has been serving Abilene for many years with their expertise in painting services. They have continuously learned new techniques throughout their journey and passed them down through generations to ensure that they can provide knowledgeable and top-notch painting services not only in Abilene but also at Dyess AirForce Base and its surrounding areas.

Buddy took over Accent Coatings when Ricky had to retire due to cancer. Since assuming leadership, they have successfully completed over 500 projects involving custom homes while also undertaking thousands of repaints both within Abilene city limits as well as on Dyess AirForce Base premises.

If you are seeking a highly skilled paint contractor who possesses extensive knowledge in this field or if you would like to discuss your upcoming project requirements further – please feel free to reach out for a complimentary consultation session with us so we can determine if we are an ideal fit for your needs

Company CUlture

At Accent Coatings Inc., we believe in fostering a positive and engaging work culture. That's why we've created Accent After Hours, a program that allows our team members to unwind and bond with one another after a hard day's work. Our spacious game room includes a pool table, air hockey table, foosball table, and dart board. For those who are musically inclined or just want to jam out, we also have a studio and band room available. We take pride in providing a fun and supportive work environment that allows our team to recharge and come back ready to tackle the next project.

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We are hiring

Interested in joining the Accent Coatings Inc. crew? We are always looking for talented and hard-working painters to join our team. Our company culture revolves around teamwork, dedication, and providing exceptional service to our clients. We value our employees and provide opportunities for growth and development within our company.

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